A great debut!
Janet Tashjian, author of The Gospel According to Larry and My Life as a Book

For her first novel, Susan Zeidler has managed to capture the imagination of young readers in The Practice Room, a story that seamlessly weaves fantasy and reality. Her main character, Zoey Browne, has two missions: one, to uncover the mystery of her musician father, and two, to tap her own gift of music by taking magical trips to Musicland. There, in different historic times, she learns the basics of music theory in engaging ways. Anyone who loves music and entertains such fantasies as time travel will appreciate The Practice Room, regardless of age.
Susan Giffin, award-winning author & editor

88 thumbs up to Susan Zeidler's The Practice Room. Being a professional keyboard player, I related to this book on many levels, but it certainly has something for everyone. It's a fun read, a great story about music, family and the creative process.
Art Now, New York City composer, pianist, performer

I appreciate Zeidler's ability to educate her readers on musical concepts as well as historical facts in an amusing way.

about susan zeidler

Susan Zeidler Having spent more than two decades writing about the “real world” as an award-winning journalist, Susan Zeidler now takes her readers to imaginative, magical places in her first novel The Practice Room.

While The Practice Room may seem a huge departure for Susan – who has covered events ranging from major court cases to oil spills to movie premieres to the Academy Awards – it is really just an extension of her life’s journey. Throughout her career, she has always had a foot in both the business and creative worlds. Between writing about some of the world’s most momentous events as a news reporter, she also continued to hone her craft as a musician and a writer of fiction.

Susan grew up in Baldwin, Long Island, where she developed an early love for the arts: reading, writing and music. As a child, she often wrote plays with her cousin and then acted and sang in them. She also studied piano and later went on to delve deeply into jazz. As a musician, Susan has performed around the world in cities as varied as Oslo, Manhattan, and Los Angeles. She has additionally written two screenplays, “Tailspin” and “Hit Single.”

In her novel The Practice Room, Susan melds her many experiences as both a musician and a chronicler of current events in an exciting fantasy that reflects an otherworldly musical voyage of a young teen girl against the background of modern historical milestones.

Susan holds a B.A. from State University of New York at Albany and an M.S. from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. She resides with her husband, daughter, and cat Rosie in Southern California.


Below are some photos of Susan Zeidler and fans at local events:

Susan Zeidler signing at an event Susan Zeidler signing at an event
Susan Zeidler signing at an event Susan Zeidler signing at an event
Susan Zeidler at an event Susan Zeidler at an event
Susan Zeidler reading at an event